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To Brush or NOT to Brush is NOT the question!

It is HOW to brush and WHAT to brush that needs discussion.


There are many approaches and ideas about how to brush teeth. Most have an element that is correct. However there are many ideas that create confusion.


The central idea is to remove all of the bacterial film that naturally builds up on the teeth. We are able to feel this film with our tongue and sense the teeth being "furry". This bacterial film can be scraped off with a finger nail and is seen as a white substance. It is sometimes referred to as plaque, however we prefer to describe it as what it is (bacteria) which has an emotive connotation.


The ideal technique is to place the brush into the gum line and make a circular motion with FIRM pressure. A systematic approach should be taken to ensure all of the surfaces are covered in both the upper and lower jaw.

The teeth are clean when you can wipe your tongue over all of the surfaces and they feel smooth. ALL of the surfaces which include, inside of the lower and upper rear teeth and on the outer surface of the lower front teeth.




In general effective brushing should not take longer than one minute! 


Electric or manual toothbrushes are equally as effective if the user understands the objective that SMOOTH TEETH ARE CLEAN TEETH, however with the individual who is not interested or inclined then an electric toothbrush will in all likelihood provide a better result.


Brushing should be followed with floss or dental wood sticks to clean between the teeth.


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