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Post Operative Crown


After a crown preparation a temporary acrylic crown is placed with temporary cement. The temporary cement allows simple removal prior to placement of the permanent crown which is placed using permanent cement.

In the interim prior to placement of the permanent crown the following advice is important-

  • Immediate post-operative discomfort should be managed with either Nurofen or Panadol

  • it is important to keep the area well brushed and flossed. HOWEVER when using floss it should be withdrawn out of the side toward the cheek, this will prevent dislodging the temporary crown. 

  • You should avoid eating toffee or sticky food including chewing gum as these items may dislodge the temporary crown.

  • Should the temporary crown become dislodged simply try placing it back over the tooth and then contact the surgery.

  • Sometimes there is a heightened sensitivity to cold, sweet things or perhaps biting. This is best treated with Sensodyne. Apply it to the tooth/sensitive area using your finger.

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