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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have a tooth ache what do I do? What can relieve my pain before I can see my dentist?


A. Having a toothache is a horrible feeling. We offer emergency services for this reason. If you feel your situation is an emergency please contact the surgery and you will find the emergency number if we are not open. We always do our best to see you ASAP when you are in pain. In the mean time try taking some pain killers always referring to the package instructions as to dosage. Nurofen can be very effective as it is an anti-inflammatory however not everyone can take this. Taking what you would normally use when you have a headache is always a good gauge. Try to avoid very hot or cold things as temperature can often set off nerve reactions in the teeth.


Q. My temporary crown has fallen off/dislodged what do I do?


A. If your temporary crown comes off there is no need to panic. If possible keep the temporary crown and contact the surgery we will be able to simply re-cement your temporary crown until we have your permanent crown available to cement. 

If you are having your permanent crown cemented on the next day, we may tell you its not necessary to have the temporary re-cemented, however it's always good to check! Sometimes your tooth underneath can be quite sensitive. If you are overseas or unable to get to the surgery soon try placing the temporary back on the tooth sometimes it may be able to hold there for a little while longer.


Q. I had a tooth extracted and it won't stop bleeding. What do I do?


A. Some bleeding after having a tooth extracted is normal. You would've been supplied with post-operative instructions and some gauze at your appointment fold this up into a pad and place it over the extraction site and bite down for twenty minutes then discard. This can help to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding is excessive or not stopping after some time, contact the surgery. There may not be any issue but it is always important to check.


Q. I had a tooth extracted a few days ago and now I am in a lot of pain! What is happening?


A. Sometimes after a extraction patients can develop a "dry socket". This happens when a wound isn't healing properly. The wound needs to be packed daily by a dentist with a special anesthetic dressing. Contact the surgery if you are experiencing a lot of pain after a extraction. Remember it is normal to have some discomfort after an extraction however it should be manageable with standard pain killers.

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